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[31 Aug 2011|08:45pm]

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lost pond, brookline 07-12-09 [27 Jul 2009|11:35pm]

lost pond slideshow.
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centennial park, wellesley 07-25-09 [27 Jul 2009|11:32pm]

centennial park pics

a few pictures taken while checking out centennial park by mass bay college. warning - dead fish photo in this set.

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posing for the camera [11 Jul 2009|01:39pm]

posing for the camera
Originally uploaded by alex bermudez

just got back from mt. misery in lincoln, ma. there are lots of off leash dog trails, places to swim, and mosquitoes. i only got to take a few pics as the batteries on my camera died. jim got to swim in the sudbury river and i got lost so we ended up hiking for 1.5 hours. it was really nice out though and we ran into 5-7 groups of people/dogs.

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Jim [11 Feb 2009|11:12pm]

Originally uploaded by alex bermudez

i'd like to take/post more pictures of jim. this is from 2-9-9.

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paul bunyan [11 Feb 2009|11:11pm]

paul bunyan
Originally uploaded by alex bermudez

found this on my camera, it's from nov 2008 at mass audubon.

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jim [29 Dec 2008|10:29pm]
Jim and a toy
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week 1 complete at MAS [07 Aug 2007|08:19am]
[ mood | sleepy ]

this morning i start my second week at MAS. so far so good! i should switch jobs more often. it's really fun for me to try to figure out the inner workings of things and find more efficient ways to do things.

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it feels like the first day of school [30 Jul 2007|09:03pm]
[ mood | anxious ]

i start a new job tomorrow morning, 8:30 AM EST, as the internet manager of the massachusetts audubon society. my new "office" will be in the Hatheway House.

i have not started a new job since december 1997.

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laid off [16 May 2007|12:38pm]
i've been laid off. i am pretty traumatized and not really wanting to go back to pack up and take care of the whole transition plan. i had been at the company for 9+ years. luckily that will entitle me to a decent severance package. it's a shame i'm not more prepared for a BIG change, otherwise i may have taken this as a sign to move to new york. i've had one small bottle of vanily stoli vodka but i'm still feeling pretty shaky. i'm working on bottle #2 and may need to throw in some herb. bleh!

edit: in other news, i got the 2 bedroom apartment in porter square i wanted. yay.
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codos [22 Mar 2007|06:59pm]
[ mood | cranky ]

codos means someone that does not want to spend any money. that is my word of the day. so codos in fact is plural. that is what i am calling the folks from engenderhealth bolivia. under the guise of ´being worried about our safety´, they have refused to allow my colleague to travel back home to la paz via a somewhat circuitous (sp?) route but that would ensure we arrive in la paz before next month. rant continuesCollapse )

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pictures only [20 Mar 2007|08:34pm]
[ mood | achey ]

i´m tired and not sure what to write so i´ll just post pics with brief explanations, some surely don´t need explanations though.

across the street from where we´ve had wonderful and cheap lunches every week is a red building with a red fence with some interesting signs. below is one found on the outsidepictures over hereCollapse )

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oruro, bolivia [19 Mar 2007|09:12pm]
[ mood | tired ]

i´m logged in from an internet office in the hotel i am staying at: hotel sucre in oruro. i am not sure why the name of the hotel is sucre, that is the name of another city in bolivia. i passed by this other hotel called the grand boston. clickCollapse )

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zona sur, la paz, bolivia [18 Mar 2007|08:04pm]
[ mood | hyper ]

i made it safely to bolivia. i'm glad i took the altitude medicine as i have hardly felt any of the symptoms associated with altitude sickness like lethargy and shortness of breath. i took a long time to settle in and get my laptop/camera out so that means no pictures to post from today. i did take a few just now and will post 3 of those. the first is this clicky-click for moreCollapse )

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photo album [18 Feb 2007|11:02pm]
here's a photo album about a trip i took today with urbpan, cottonmanifesto, rockbalancer, and chaggie to mt. misery in lincoln for a hike.
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arusha, tanzania [08 Oct 2006|08:09am]
i'm currently in arusha, tanzania. it is not far from kenya and most of the people that are here use this town as a jumping off point for going on safaris or mountain climbing. mt. kilimanjaro is about 2 hours from here and there are several craters and national parks (like the serengetti) near here. about 40% of the population is muslim so it is typical to hear praying at hours like midnight and 5am. with my mom also being a muslim you'd think i'd know more about the prayer times. there are tons of jacaranda and bouganvillea and i know is massacring the spelling! as usual i am being mobbed by kids selling stuff and since i do not know how to haggle/bargain it is making going to the shopping areas quite stressful. i have not let it stop me though from quickly spending what little cash i brought with me. i will be here until next saturday night but will be working from monday to friday. i have had a killer headache but it seems like coffee and decongestants have made it go away. yay! i hope to take some pictures of stuff today like hte bird nest outside my bedroom, hte pretty mountains and wonderful scenery outside my windows, and just all sorts of cool things like scary bugs and pretty ladies. homosexuality is illegal in tanzania so um that sucks. although it's not like i am totally ms. gay pride anyway in the states. it is weird though to have to be self-conscious about not seeming gay in any way.

there is mosquito netting in my bedroom. i think i will start using it since i have been bitten a bunch already. i have taken some pics but not enough. i hope to upload some and will post a link to them here.

i am here for the typical business planning training. there are 4 of us from my company. 1 is a senior staff member that knows the program really well and 2 are facilitators in training. one speaks english very slowly. it will be quite interesting.

omg whitney houston just started playing, "i will always love you" so that is my queue to run the hell away.
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roller skating and anniversaries [04 Feb 2006|02:08pm]
[ mood | sad ]

i'm going to be trying out for a roller derby league in boston, they use quad speed skates. the team members have names or personas like: ivana clobber, maura buse, and kitty twister to name a few. since i heard about it in psych i've always been fascinated by vagina dentata. would that be too gruesome or weird a name? i could add an austin powers twist by altering it to fagina dentata. but i also thought something in spanish might be fun but don't know what. i went to part of their practice last night and someone broke an ankle in the first half hour and was taken away via ambulance. if only i'd known this method of bone breaking existed years ago.

yesterday was the 1 year anniversary of the plane crash that killed three of my co-workers. we had a short memorial event around noon. i cried about it for the first time yesterday. i can't believe it took me a year to be able to cry.

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visited countries [15 Oct 2005|07:17pm]

create your own visited countries map
or vertaling Duits Nederlands
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Greetings from Intramuros, Manila, Philippines [18 Aug 2005|11:12am]
A quick entry from the training facility in Intramuros. We got here Saturday around midnight after a HEINOUS 25+ hour trip (and a 1 day jump forward in time) and have been hanging out in Metro Manila since then. My time has consisted of traveling back and forth between the Japanese owned Manila Diamond Hotel near Manila Bay and an old colonial-style building in a neighborhood known as Intramuros.

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amy, carmen, christi [04 Feb 2005|12:53pm]
three staff members at my organization died in a plane crash in afghanistan. while there is no confirmation about their deaths, the crash was high impact and at 13,000 ft. i knew two of the three women pretty well. they were part of my department. for one of the women this was her first trip for the company, it was part of her professional development and she was SO excited. we are all in an absolute state of shock. please send good vibes to their families.
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