albertina tangarife (belen1974) wrote,
albertina tangarife

pictures only

i´m tired and not sure what to write so i´ll just post pics with brief explanations, some surely don´t need explanations though.

across the street from where we´ve had wonderful and cheap lunches every week is a red building with a red fence with some interesting signs. below is one found on the outside:

this is one of those that may not need an explanation. needless to say it is ok to refer to products as being black this or black that. well negrito really means little black man or can also be a term of endearment for a black man, like what i´d call my great-grandfather if he were still alive:

i find a fascinating mixtures of regular spanish names for things, see above, and english names for things, see below: (i did not, nor do i want to go inside the restaurant. in general you do not want to eat at random restaurants for fear of food poisoning or worms or parasites and the such.)

finally, a pic of the blockade that as of now is still going on. bleh.

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