albertina tangarife (belen1974) wrote,
albertina tangarife

laid off

i've been laid off. i am pretty traumatized and not really wanting to go back to pack up and take care of the whole transition plan. i had been at the company for 9+ years. luckily that will entitle me to a decent severance package. it's a shame i'm not more prepared for a BIG change, otherwise i may have taken this as a sign to move to new york. i've had one small bottle of vanily stoli vodka but i'm still feeling pretty shaky. i'm working on bottle #2 and may need to throw in some herb. bleh!

edit: in other news, i got the 2 bedroom apartment in porter square i wanted. yay.
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dude. this will be more of a good thing than a bad thing for you, i feel.
i certainly hope so. my only worry is self-doubt about whether i'd be capable of doing a "real" tech type job, even as an entry level programmer.
...? you totally could! you should definitely apply for the mass audubon job - list jef as a personal reference.
Ugh! I am so sorry. Maybe you should come visit!
I agree with Alexis--it sucks to have change thrust on you, but I think this is good change. I'd like to hang out with you soon!