albertina tangarife (belen1974) wrote,
albertina tangarife

it feels like the first day of school

i start a new job tomorrow morning, 8:30 AM EST, as the internet manager of the massachusetts audubon society. my new "office" will be in the Hatheway House.

i have not started a new job since december 1997.

i'm feeling so many things right now. most prominent is anxiety about oversleeping. next in line is uncertainty about whether i've made the right choice. then comes fear/doubtfulness that i'll be able to do a good job - i haven't fully learned PHP yet!

it totally feels like the first day of school - getting the office supplies ready, figuring out ahead of time what i'm going to wear, wondering whether my new peers/co-workers will like me, trying to decide whether i should pack a lunch or plan to go out for lunch, etc.

wish me luck!
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Congratulations! You will do a GREAT job :)
That sounds like a great job!!!

I always go out for lunch on my first day at a job, it gets me out of the office and a little time to de-stress since they are always tough at the beginning.

GOOD LUCK and i'm really pleased for you :)
Good Luck! It won't be scary, I promise. Give me a call tonight to let me know how it went. :)
That sounds fantastic! I'm working back in Watertown, if you ever can get away for a long lunch let's hit up someplace in Boston or Cambridge! :)
(Wagamama's is calling to me - I'm heading there for the first time on Friday)
wow! how did it go?!
wow! ididn't know! tell us how it went.
how is your new job going? i think you have to post an update....