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week 1 complete at MAS

this morning i start my second week at MAS. so far so good! i should switch jobs more often. it's really fun for me to try to figure out the inner workings of things and find more efficient ways to do things.

I'll do one of those +/- lists to jot down my thoughts

* there is no dress code!!! everyone in my department wears shorts/t-shirts/sneakers all the time
* i got a decent computer with 2GB of RAM!! i've never had that much RAM
* i work in a really nice (well on the outside) house made in 1915
* i'm in the one department with a 50/50 distribution of males and females
* i get to learn new skillz: PHP and mySQL, and photoshop if i want
* i got a slight raise, i was afraid i'd have to take a pay cut to work here
* i have some interesting projects coming up: trip to austin for convio training, field trips to various sanctuaries for staff trainings, and field trip (maybe) to test bird cams in MA
* even though i tried to convince myself it was OK to go to the for profit world, i'm glad i could find a job in the nonprofit sector.
* the last few years at my old job have given me a great start at this new one - my ex-supervisor really pushed standards and documentation on us that i can now understand the importance of. there are NO standards here.
* once i get settled i believe i'll have very little supervision, i like that!
* i work across from a farm with barn animals, when new creatures are born messages are sent out and we can go watch the miracle of life happen right before us (stuff like steaming baby animals).

* my commute went from 5 to 30 minutes
* due to my 4-days a week analysis i have 1 heinously long day and am here late on fridays
* the organization is about 80% women but the men that do work here have some of the highest positions in the organization.
* very little color/diversity, the head of education is the only other latina i've met
* i doubt there is room for advancement in this position
* i work in one of the wealthiest towns in the state - no good places to have lunch
* i don't have a mouse with all the extra clicking options, sucks for browsing.
* what am i still doing in MA? i should have used this time and $ to move to new york already.
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