albertina tangarife (belen1974) wrote,
albertina tangarife

arusha, tanzania

i'm currently in arusha, tanzania. it is not far from kenya and most of the people that are here use this town as a jumping off point for going on safaris or mountain climbing. mt. kilimanjaro is about 2 hours from here and there are several craters and national parks (like the serengetti) near here. about 40% of the population is muslim so it is typical to hear praying at hours like midnight and 5am. with my mom also being a muslim you'd think i'd know more about the prayer times. there are tons of jacaranda and bouganvillea and i know is massacring the spelling! as usual i am being mobbed by kids selling stuff and since i do not know how to haggle/bargain it is making going to the shopping areas quite stressful. i have not let it stop me though from quickly spending what little cash i brought with me. i will be here until next saturday night but will be working from monday to friday. i have had a killer headache but it seems like coffee and decongestants have made it go away. yay! i hope to take some pictures of stuff today like hte bird nest outside my bedroom, hte pretty mountains and wonderful scenery outside my windows, and just all sorts of cool things like scary bugs and pretty ladies. homosexuality is illegal in tanzania so um that sucks. although it's not like i am totally ms. gay pride anyway in the states. it is weird though to have to be self-conscious about not seeming gay in any way.

there is mosquito netting in my bedroom. i think i will start using it since i have been bitten a bunch already. i have taken some pics but not enough. i hope to upload some and will post a link to them here.

i am here for the typical business planning training. there are 4 of us from my company. 1 is a senior staff member that knows the program really well and 2 are facilitators in training. one speaks english very slowly. it will be quite interesting.

omg whitney houston just started playing, "i will always love you" so that is my queue to run the hell away.
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