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roller skating and anniversaries

i'm going to be trying out for a roller derby league in boston, they use quad speed skates. the team members have names or personas like: ivana clobber, maura buse, and kitty twister to name a few. since i heard about it in psych i've always been fascinated by vagina dentata. would that be too gruesome or weird a name? i could add an austin powers twist by altering it to fagina dentata. but i also thought something in spanish might be fun but don't know what. i went to part of their practice last night and someone broke an ankle in the first half hour and was taken away via ambulance. if only i'd known this method of bone breaking existed years ago.

yesterday was the 1 year anniversary of the plane crash that killed three of my co-workers. we had a short memorial event around noon. i cried about it for the first time yesterday. i can't believe it took me a year to be able to cry.
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